S500 Multi-Rotor Frame Kit (PCB Version)

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500mm Multi-Rotor Air Frame Kit with Landing Gear 
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The S500 frame shocks the market. It is a carrier with Pan&Tilt support, suitable for the GoPro platform. All arms adopt an inclination and roll design, making the aircraft more stable in roll and pitch direction and more flexible in rotation direction. PCB version of the arm contains carbon fiber rods, better than all nylon arms on the market, high strength, and lightweight.
It is especially suitable for beginners of aircraft training. It is a product developed for aeromodelling enthusiasts. It has a concise design, a very small number of parts, and a solid structure, strong fall resistance, and low maintenance costs. With different flight control systems, it can meet the needs from daily practice to quasi-professional applications (such as amateur aerial photography, FPV, etc.).
Like the F450, the S500 hole position adopts a new mechanical design of the S800 EVO arm for the DJI H3-2D pan-tilt. Four-axis 500-wheelbase frame, suitable for carrying Gopro HERO3 pan-tilt, entertainment-grade aerial photography model.
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