20A ESC for DC Motor Bi-Directional

৳ 500.00

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Quality can be greatly ensured.
  • Professional Speed controller.
  • 20A ESC Brushed Speed Controller For RC Car And Boat
  • It’s Brushed bustophedon ESC.(forward,reverse)
  • Input Voltage: 3.0V—9.4V (Upto 2S Lipo)
  • Input signal type: PPM (normal servo signal)
  • Output Const. Current: 20A
  • Output Burst Current: 25A (30sec), 50A (5sec)
  • Size: 89mm x 75mm x 7mm


1. For a two-way ESC with brake, the handle is up and the motor is rotating forward. When the car is about to brake, turn the handle to the reverse position. At this time, the motor does not move and is in the braking state. If you want to go forward or backward, return the handle to the center, and then operate forward or backward.

2. For a two-way ESC without brake, the handle is up, the motor is rotating forward, the handle is back to the middle, and the natural speed stops. When the handle goes down, the motor reverses and reverses, the handle returns to the center, and the natural speed stops. When the car and boat is in the forward state, if you want to stop or reverse, turn the handle down, and the ESC will reverse and reverse; if you want to stop, when the motor just reverses, the handle will return to the middle, and the car and boat will stop.

3. For climbing vehicles, it has the function of automatic braking when the handle is returned to the neutral position, suitable for parking and starting of climbing vehicles on a half-slope.


Center point Calibration
1. Connect the power supply, connect the motor and plug in the receiver, there will be a sound of DO. At this time, it means that the ESC is powered on normally

2. If it is in the center position, the motor will immediately send out DO BE MI. If it is not in the center position , the motor will emit DO .DO …. sound
to remind the user, until the user adjusts to the center position, the DO sound stops and immediately emits DO BE MI. The center position learning is completed and it can work normally.
3. LED status, when the remote control is in the center position, the LED is half-lit or off, when forward or backward, the LED is fully on, and the LED flashes when there is no signal.